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2014 Christmas Stockings

2014 Christmas Stockings

"Stocking the Pantry" Drive

“Stocking the Pantry” Drive

The 2014 Christmas Stocking options are available now: 7 groupings, 45 combinations, 99 fabrics! Whew! Indulge yourself in holiday cheer. (Feel free to invite a friend along)

It’s our 5th Annual Holiday Giving Campaign. We’re “Stocking the Pantry” with $2.50 for every Christmas Stocking sold going to fight hunger. Read all about it here.

Yippee! Cover Stockings!

Yippee! Cover Stockings!

Woo! Hoo! Country Living Chose my Banners!

Woo! Hoo! Country Living Chose my Banners!

Yes, I’m honored to have designed the stockings (and the tree skirt that is barely peeking out from under that bounty of beautiful packages) for the 2013 Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas.

And double bonus: another set of my stockings appear on Page 100 in the beautiful home of designer and popular blogger Sarah Macklem. It’s like filling, frosting AND sprinkles!!!

Among the thousands of products submitted, my chalk cloth banners were selected to be featured as a fun, innovative product the editors would recommend to their readers.

Oh The Incredible JOY!


Hands Down! This is the most gratifying day of the year! Today I totaled all the Christmas stocking sales for Christmas 2013 (including those still to ship in January) and wrote the check to Harvesters – the nationally recognized Food Bank in Kansas City that services NE KS and NW MO.


Remember $2.50 is donated for every stocking sold. Last year 491 stockings resulted in a donation of $1227.50. Through amazing leveraging, Harvesters is able to provide 5 meals for every dollar donated, so 2012 resulted in 6,137 meals!

My goal for 2013 was 600 stockings, netting 7500 meals. Think of each of those bowls holding 1,250 meals. So graphically, that was the goal, six bowls holding 7500 meals.

Yes, isn’t that the most charming stack of bowls? The delightful Etsy artist, Amalia Lopez of LatteDesigns, lent me that graphic to help tell this wonderful Christmas story. Jump on over and check out her shop.

How did we really do? Are you sitting down? Well, you just may need to. Take that goal of those 6 bowls and MULTIPLY it by almost 4.5! Yes, you read that right. Not add, but MULTIPLY.

I just had the truly joy-filled task of writing a check to Harvesters for $3,307.50. Yep, that is 1,323 stockings (and yes, I’m exhausted). An anonymous donor matched that check, so we are now at $6615. And after Harvester’s works their leveraging magic turning every dollar into 5 meals, the final is 33,075 meals! Or graphically:
Final Bowls

I am absolutely over the moon. My deepest appreciation to each and every one of my amazing customers who helped to make this happen.



Of course, you’re invited to Join The Party and visit my Shop!