Welcome to South House Designs

Who is Diane, you ask?

I’m a resource for you –  and hopefully your new virtual BFF to conspire and inspire each other. I’m all about bringing a bit more fun, a bit more creativity, and  a lot more joy into our lives. And if we make our friends a tad bit jealous in the process, well …. Tee! Hee!

Here’s where I could list a diatribe of accomplishments and pats on the back, but really …. If that matters to you and you want to check my “creating cred”, you can hop right on over to my News & Press section (that section that makes me really itchy, but everyone says I must have) and check out some of the more recent highpoints. Suffice it to say, I’ve been making a living in the business of creating for almost 25 years.

So what drives me?

A crazy compulsion for puzzle solving for one. Maybe this explains my devotion to creative problem solving – which is really what puzzle solving is all about. Yes, I’m addicted to Sudoku and cryptoquips and absolutely mad about Ken-Ken. Crossword puzzles, not so much. It’s the reasoning, logic and visual that gets me tingling – not so much knowing the ancient coin of Lithuania.

Descartes: I think; therefore I am.

Me: I think creatively; therefore I am joyful.

Creativity is not confined to the arts! It is creative problem solving! It is making your life richer, easier, fuller by examining it from different angles and coming up with new solutions.

I’m an advocate for being unique. For finding your own style and embracing it – even if no one else “gets it”. I encourage you to take inspiration from others and make then it your own – not copy.

So what’s my style? I’m a traditionalist – I know sounds exceedingly boring, right? But it’s what I always gravitate to. Traditional and tailored, but ALWAYS with a twist! I love a liberal sprinkling of whimsy, surprise and quirky.