Add-On Christmas Stockings for Growing South House Families

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Congrats on your growing family! I love my Stocking Families and am happy to give you the value of continuity by crafting you a stocking to blend with your original ones. These one-of-a-kind stockings take an incredible amount of time to assure that they blend right in with your original stockings — like 3x the time. Plus my time is at a premium during the crazy Christmas rush. Therefore, these add-on stockings will carry a surcharge of $15, making them $48 each.

However, if you order by Aug. 15, this surcharge will be waived. Order now for $32. Wait and they will be $48.

All Add-on Stockings will be shipped by Sept. 30.

Please be sure to send me an email PLEASE let me know if your original stockings were ordered via a different Etsy username. Let me know if you have special requests such as: “no plaids” or “darker toned foot” or “no florals” or “as close to the original no. 2 as possible” or …
AND if possible include a pic of your stockings.

Many thanks! And again, Congrats on your growing family!

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