Christmas Stocking Round-up 2015

Traditional Christmas Stockings with a South House Twist

Thrilled to share the 2015 South House Christmas Stocking Collection!

Six groups to choose from, and yes, there are no rules, so feel free to pick and choose between them.

There is a lot of information about ordering my stockings here. This information includes, the ordering procedure, my Stocking The Pantry Fund Drive, quantity discount requests, right pointing toe requests, AND those fabulous name tags.

I posted a sneak peek of the Black & White & Red grouping on FB. However…. once I starting working with all those beautiful fabrics, there was just too much goodness for one! So behold: TWO sisters of stockings, the polished, sleek sister and the spunkier, sassier sister.

Polished and Sophisticated: Black & White and All Shades of Grey with a Bit of Red Collection

Classic study of blending and degrees – grayscale. Yes, a few touches of black and white, but mostly this group is about the gentle blending and shading of greyscale. With pops of red for punctuation. Sophisticated & polished.This group is a stunning compliment to your red, white, black and silver bling holiday decor.

This is the “sophisticated big sister” of black & white stockings to the “spunky little sister” of stockings coming up next. Of course, you can build your own family of stockings by selecting some stockings from each group.

IMG_3265 - Version 2


Blk, Greys & RedHorizontalCollage

Suggested tree skirt pairing: black wool, red linen-look or white crinkle banding.

Black & White and All Shades of Grey with a Bit of Red Christmas Stockings are available here.



Spunky Graphic Black & White Collection

This black & white “little sister” of stockings is full of contrast. The classic study of opposites: black & white; angular & curvilinear, masculine & feminine, flat & textured. And all that contrast means drama — but in a goooood way!

Since these stockings are only black & white, they are very adaptable to any accent color. In 2012, I showed black & white stockings accented with lime green ribbons and bulbs. Then in 2013, I showed similar stockings with blue ribbons, baubles and bulbs.

IMG_3294 - Version 2


Suggested tree skirt pairing: black wool or white crinkle trim.

Graphic Black & White Christmas Stockings are available here.



Dreamy White Christmas Collection

This year’s Dreamy White group is a lighter, whiter version of the annual favorite light neutral groupings of the past.

It would have been called Snow White Christmas, but there’s not a touch of pink or a tiara in sight. So break out the hot cocoa, set Bing to crooning and soon you’ll be Dreaming of a White Christmas, too.



Suggested tree skirt pairing: white crinkle.

Dreamy White Christmas Stockings are available here.



Red & Green Traditional Christmas — with a twist!– Collection


Close to traditional, but not so predictable! So let’s agree to call them “Transitional”. Beautiful rich reds with brighter leafy greens and warm golds — some with just a bit of metallic shimmer.

Sure to be the showstopper of your traditional red & green holiday decor.

StockingWreathCU - Version 2

IMG_2940 - Version 4

Suggested tree skirt pairing: green linen-look or red linen-look banding.

Red & Green Christmas Stockings are available here.



Nautical Christmas Stocking Collection

Nautical Christmas? Coastal Christmas? Cottage Christmas? Call them what you will. Hey, they’re laid back; they won’t care.

With the sun-bleached colors of sand and surf and a bit of driftwood, but I was most inspired by the textures. Look closely at the bleached cotton damasks — one is a subtle pattern of rope and knots and the other is an abstract that reminds me of sails, or fluttering beach umbrellas. My nod towards Knotty Nautical without being too literal.




IMG_3284 - Version 2

Suggested tree skirt pairing: White Crinkle or brown linen-look banding.

Nautical Christmas Stockings are available here.



Black with Gold & Red Christmas Collection

Rich (in style), Dark & Handsome! Can we all agree tall is over-rated (as my husband nods vigorously)? Full of rich style and confident swagger, these stockings command center stage. Perfect for a richly paneled den, but also wonderful hanging on the white handrail in my bright, open hearth room.


Suggested tree skirt pairing: Black Wool, Brown linen-like or Red linen-like.

Black & Gold with Red Christmas Stockings are available here.



Yes, I make tree skirts to match — in 3 sizes. Because with skirts, we know it’s all about the fit. Right, ladies? Five choices of banding and buttons covered to match your stockings or in many other colorways if you are ordering a skirt solo.

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  1. Alex says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your collections, it’s there a pattern available? I have some holiday fabric leftover from some other projects that I might want to try for this kind of stocking.


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