WIN Christmas Stockings with The Name Game – 2017 Edition


AND, yes, it’s a
Sneak Peek at the 2017 Collection!


CONGRATULATIONS Ashley R for your winning entry! AND to all those who submitted the long list of creative names.
To be Revealed Sept. 1….

Your task is to name the groups while I finish the design details, photography and final bits and pieces.

We’re looking for creative, compelling names. Does each group remind you of a favorite Christmas carol? Or literary character? Or yummy food or beverage? Or …? Intriguing color names? Rhymes or alliterations? The options are wide open! The name should evoke each groups’ colors or style or vibe.

BIG TIP: Take a look at the 2016 winners from Brenda K. Bulls-eye!
LITTLE TIP: I posted on FB how our recent adventure in London and Ireland really inspired two groups (just because they served as MY muse, does not mean they will speak to others, so this should NOT dictate)

What’s on the line? Bragging Rights for your Linked In resume and the next neighborhood gathering + a Pair of 2017 Stockings of your choice.

The “how-to enter” follows the line-up. Check ’em out:

eclipse inspired Christmas Stockings 
4 Stripes
3 Woven Graphics
3 Creamy White Textures
1 Black Texture
Ireland Inspired Christmas Stockings
1 Floral Printed Linen
1 Woven Plaid
1 “Suede”
2 Heavy Linens
3 Different Solid Textures
Blue & White Christmas Stockings
1 Stylized Floral
1 Lattice
1 Plaid
2 Mini Stripes
3 Solid Textures
Black Gold & Red Christmas Stockings
1 Floral Linen
1 Floral Brocade
2 Jutes
3 Velvets
3 That Shimmer and Shine
London Inspired Christmas Stockings

1 Floral Brocade
1 Chenille Stripe
1 Chenille Brocade
1 Regimental Stripe
5 Assorted Velvets
2 Shimmers & Shiners

Neutral Christmas Stockings for 2017
5 Brocades
4 Linens
4 Woven Stripes
3 Washed Brocades
2 Velvets
1 Sweater Knits
1 Embroidered Organza
Simple & Rich Christmas Stockings
1 Brocade
3 Velvets
1 Jute
Chocolate Sampler Christmas Stockings
1 Chenille Stripe
2 Velvets
2 Corduroy
2 Wools
2 “Suedes”
1 Chenille
1 Linen
1 Brocade

Name Game Details:

Judging Criteria:

Creativity Rules & Wins!
Short is sweet. Yes, short and creative can be an oxymoron, but try!
Extra points if SEO-Friendly (Search Engine Optimization) Are any terms typical search terms?
Extra points for all 8 creative names. But still submit even if you’re stuck on one. One name may be so great it scores a solo victory.

Entry Deadline:

Midnight, Tuesday, Aug. 15
Winner will be announced on FB on Wednesday the 18th.

The Prize:

Pair of 2016 Christmas Stockings – winner’s choice.

How to Enter:

Via email to:
Be sure to include your name and email address and then your suggested names for each group.

Group1) Sheldon & Amy
Group 2) Penny & Leonard
Group 3) Howard & Bernadette
Group 4) the Raj
Group 5) Stuart
Group 6) Leonard & Penny
Group 7) Amy & Sheldon
Group 8) Bernadette & Howard
Hint: He would NOT win!

Certainly feel free to include a story, comment or explanation for any or all. Note: if it needs an explanation it’s probably too clever. But we’d love to read any background or story behind your names.

Yes, you can enter as many times as you like. Bring ’em on!!!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with,