Stocking the Pantry 2014


Helping the Hungry by Stocking the Pantry Holiday Giving Campaign

I’m soooo proud that over the last 4 holiday seasons, South House Designs stockings have resulted in $6,942.50 for Harvester’s of Kansas City, the renowned food bank that serves NW KS and NE MO. Due to 2 years of anonymous matching and Harvester’s amazing leveraging magic, that translated to 59,656 meals. The 2013 season was off the charts. You can read about it here.

As for 2014, a huge, rocking ruckus shout out to all my Christmas stocking customers. Remember, each stocking contributes $2.50 to my “Stocking the Pantry” campaign. Every New Years Eve, before the celebration begins, I go through and total all those orders and write a check …..

Drum Roll ……… …. … …. …. …

963 stockings! That’s $2,407.50 for Harvesters, the renowned Kansas City based food bank. And with Harvester’s downright magical leveraging, that results in 7,222 meals. What a rockin’ bunch of customers. Hugs to each of you!

Yes, I will be continuing this drive for the 2015 Holiday Season.

And speaking of 2015 stockings, new designs are coming and they are going to be spectacular!!!!

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