WHAT is SouthHouseDesigns.com?

It’s Diane & Company’s website devoted to spreading joyful living.

No, really, don’t laugh. I firmly believe creative thinking leads to creative problem solving, leads to creative living which is truly joyful living.

This website is being designed to:

A) guide my South House Boutique customers in using their South House goodies in new, creative ways, getting way more enjoyment out of their purchases than they had hoped for.


B) share creative techniques to encourage you (and your friends & neighbors) to tap into your own creativity, no matter how latent it may be at the moment.


C) highlight creative problem solving that others have employed to cultivate that “outside the box, can-do” mentality. Hopefully, these little mustard seeds of positive, creative thinking will be nourished and grow in each of us tackle those big nagging problems.  If we can make the little cat lady down the street smile, then surely the healthcare crisis will soften too. And if we can throw a killer party on a shoestring budget then the national debt will be likely to wither before our eyes, right?  Hey, I’ve always been a big idea kinda gal, why not? You’ve got to start somewhere.

So let’s band together and generate some creative fun. Look at it as your civic duty.