Party Favor Bags – Closing with Ribbon Belts



Yes my Party Favor Trinket Bags are versatile.

Many ways to embellish.

Many ways to tie them closed.


Corset Tie Style

Intimidated? Don’t be!

It’s really much easier than it looks.

Follow along with this tutorial.

Belt Style

Below is an easy step-by-step tutorial

for how I close them up belt style.



Your bags will arrive folded flat like this.
Now for the fun part: Embellish the discs.  Break out those rubber stamps, stickers, markers, etc. and flex your creative muscle a bit. IMG_1597
Crease the front edge of the base. IMG_1589
Crease the back edge of the base. IMG_1590
Now fill with goodies. As a point of reference, 8 – 10 saltwater taffy or 10 – 12 Hershey kisses are a good fit. IMG_1592
Now for the ribbons: I find it easiest and fastest if I have a hard surface without much give (as opposed to the fabric of the bags) to tie my ribbons around first. My pantry is close and convenient, so after a bit of experimenting, I found a spaghetti box serves as a great jig for this purpose. I’m sure there are many other options, but once I stumbled on this one, why search any further? IMG_2607
Tie one ribbon and measure to get the length just the way you like it. As a starting point, the blue striped ribbon in my pictures is 1 1/2-inches wide and cut to 20-inch lengths. This ribbon is grosgrain and a bit stiff, so I just tied it in a square knot. If you are using a more supple ribbon and want to tie a bow, you would need a bit more length. Experiment with the first one to get just the look you want.Now it’s production time. Cut your ribbons. Trim your ends. If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about the ends have no fear, visit my short guide for perfect ends every time. IMG_2615
Tie each one around your jig. Get your bow or knots just right. And slide off to make room for the next one. IMG_2609
Fold over and finger crease the tops of your bags. IMG_2616


Final Front and Back

Slip one of your tied ribbon belts around the top to hold the fold closed. Hint: You can always use a binder clip to hold the bag closed while slipping the belt in place and even leave it on to set the fold a bit more until just before your are ready to set the stage for your guests.

If you prefer the corset tie (see the bag in the back on the right in the first photograph of 3 bags with red ribbons), check out my corset tie tutorial.

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  1. Katie Meyers says:

    do you sell these? if so, how many come in a bundle and how much? and does tag and ribbon come with them?

    • admin says:

      Hi Katie,

      Thanks for asking. Yes, these bags are available in the party favor bags section of my shop. They are available in any quantity of 4 or more. The round discs come riveted on the bags. Seam binding ribbon for the corset tie version is available as an option, otherwise ribbon or clothespin or other embellishments are left up to you – I don’t want to deprive you of the fun!

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